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The Joy of Technology

We love all technology. There are so many tools, modules and tutorials available we can't help but get excited. The Geekery is a co-working and community space in Margate built to share the joy of technology with anyone. We aim to Connect<> with others, Spark** new ideas and Develop++ skills. We are the ideal home for Tech Gurus looking for a workspace at the centre of a vibrant tech community in a beautiful and healthy location.


Our workspace has 4 desks for hire with access to our rapid prototyping factory with expertise at hand. We are a great alternative to home-working and commuting, offering the ideal environment for modern remote working. Large desks, fast internet and comfortable working conditions.

We have regular events for networking and spreading the joy of tech in our local community. Our monthly Thanet Technology meetup is our community of like-minded people that connect through a shared interest in creative use of technology.


Rent A Desk

£20 / Day

£60 / Week

£150 / month



Set up for remote working in our quiet workshop. It is also well equipped with modern prototyping/maker's tools available for use upon request.



When you become a monthly member of The Geekery, you get access to much more than just a desk. You'll have 24/7 access to loads of equipment and expertise over and above the usual facilities. Together we form a collective of complementary ambitions and skills, amplifying our individual efforts, connecting, sparking and developing together.

Our location was carefully selected. We are in a small enclave of business units in a leafy area 15 minutes stroll from Margate Train Station. Part of the Old Town we are in Margate's cultural hotspot alongside art galleries, TKE Studios and all the staples of life in our town. 



We have 4 large desks available for hotdesking by the day, monthly rental or block booking for a project.

Fast internet via ethernet/wifi, oodles of power sockets, huge access door and easy vehicle access.

The Geekery is a unique working environment supporting many project requirements

2021-01-27 21.51.38.jpg


The Geekery's equipment includes all the usual workshop tools. The jewels in our toolbox are the table-top 3D Printers, laser cutter, and CNC mill.

We have a range of power tools and precision tools available too.

All available to our members.

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Members get their own key and can come and go at will 24/7.

Membership provides access to our workplace and resources along with the training and supervision if required.

You will also be in the centre of a community of technical expertise and enthusiasm that will expand your own knowledge and enjoyment.

Monthly Meetup

Thanet Technology.jpg

The monthly Thanet Technology social meetup for technophiles and geeks. Inspiring speakers, local community, and the mystery object!

Thursday 7PM at The Geekery

30th November 2023

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Fullers Yard, Margate, Kent CT9 1NA

01843 838124

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