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Desks are >2m apart or have screens.


Our desk by the day service is closed.


Not accepting new permanent members


Virtual events & skill-sharing workshops

Covid 19


When you become a member of The Geekery, you get access to much more than just a desk. All the details are taken care of and you have unique access to shared resources, expertise and be at the centre of a vibrant local community.

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Our workbenches are custom made for coders and makers and allow you to have the working environment you need. Secure storage options keep your essential resources close to hand.

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The Geekery's shared resources include 3D Printer, Electronics Workbench and The Wall of Joy full of technology sweeties. Not to mention our collective expertise and collaborations.

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We don't do 9to5 at The Geekery and we don't restrict your access either.

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We are a co-working and event space focused on technology. Based by the sea in Margate surrounded by incredible beaches and superior sunsets.

We have a unique co-working space aimed at those working with digital technologies. Be at the centre of a wider community. Work in a place with a higher purpose.

We have regular events where anyone in our local community can

           .meet experts

           .see Tech Demos

           .learn Digital Skills



Unit 10 Fullers Yard, Margate, Kent CT9 1NA

01843 838124

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01843 838124

Unit 10 Fullers Yard, Margate, Kent CT9 1NA

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