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Thanet Technology Meetup October 2021

28 Oct 2021

Tour of Margate FabLab

The Margate School's Jacob Calland introduces their Fablab. Membership costs £40/month and £85/month including a desk area.
The mystery item was a Zener Diode and Matt goes down a rabbit hole talking about what Zener Diodes are and what they can be used for.
I must apologise for the awful audio - I've bought a wireless microphone for next time.

Craftsmen do not hold their apprentices down to theories; they put them, to work without delay so that they may learn to forge metal by forging, to carve by carving, to paint by painting, to leap by leaping. Therefore in schools let the pupils learn to write by writing, to speak by speaking, to sing by singing, to reason by reasoning, etc., so that schools may simply be workshops in which work is done eagerly. Thus, by good practice, all will feel at last the truth of the proverb: Fabricando fabricamur

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