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Our First Two Events Back to Back!

Yesterday The Geekery held its first two events back-to-back between 5PM and 9PM. The first was a two hour workshop on how to edit videos using YouTube's built-in tool. The second was a hybrid physical/virtual Thanet Technology meetup.

Animatronic Chimpanzee
Animatronic Chimpanzee

YouTube Video Editing Workshop

There is a tool available to YouTube members within YouTube Studio offering very basic, but useful video editing functions to trim out sections, overlay 'cards' and 'end screens', and even blur out faces. The tool is particularly useful for anyone creating live streams because you can edit the video without losing all the comments and reactions which happens if you download and edit offline. The workshop was delivered to the live-streaming team from Margate's Rosslyn Court music venue.

The Geekery's founder, Matt Mapleston, has been helping Rosslyn Court get to grips with live streaming a multi-camera setup to You Tube. He even got a passing mention in Around Kent Folk magazine (page 7).

Thanet Technology is a social group for anyone interested in technology. The group meets up on or around the last Thursday of each month for socialising, networking, skill-sharing etc. During lockdown the group moved online holding weekly meetings in a Zoom room. This session was a hybrid physical meetup in The Geekery with other members coming and going via Zoom. Tim from Genetic Moo interactive artists donated a really interesting bit of kit - an animatronic chimpanzee... we're hoping to be the focus of a community project.

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